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Pain Relief

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White Tara Clinic won the Pain Management Clinic this year at the 2021/2022  Prestige award (South England) 

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Acupuncture - Treating Musculoskeletal conditions

In classical acupuncture, we utilize the theory of the zang fu (organ) physiology of the channel and pathology, yin/yang and five elements 

with channel palpation, alongside with taking pulse, looking at the tongue and asking questions, getting the correct diagnosis. 

The differences of Classical Chinese acupuncture to manage pain, chronic pain is that once the correct diagnosis, treatment is made the body begin to balance itself and the chronic pain, onset pain will be heal and never come back the same level of pain. 

Photobiomodulation therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy)

Depends on the symptoms and the severity, in some cases, for example: Frozen shoulder, capsulitis, tendonitis can also be treated with Photobiomodulation therapy (Low level laser) to enhance the total healing of the affected area. Detail of the Photobiomodulation therapy (LLLT) please click this link:

Expectation of the initial treatment when you are in agony (10/10 level of pain)

Apart from pain, your symptoms might include limited movements - such as difficulty walking or lifting your arm - combined with a constant continuous burning sharp pain which affects your rest and sleep, basically every move causes agony. 

If this is the case, please lower your expectation of the treatment outcome. You will need to take pain-killer, anti-inflammatory  medication to allow you to relax the pain before you come for treatment.

Initially, you’ll need to come in every day - or every other day - for one to two weeks. We offer block payment, so you won't break the bank getting healthy.

You’ll then need to come back once a week to ensure complete recovery and freedom from pain. 

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