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Discover the healing power of Bodytalk

Head Massage

What is


Bodytalk is a touch and talk-based therapy that seeks to discover and reconnect broken lines of communication within the body.


These communication breakdowns can happen when you’re sick or recovering from illness. But they can also be caused by external things happening in your life, your energy and your belief system.


Bodytalk is a holistic treatment that aligns the emotional and psychological sides of your body to restore full health. 


It’s completely safe, non-invasive and has no side effects which means it’s suitable for all ages and health conditions.

How does
it work?

A series of simple yes / no muscle response techniques is used to discover which areas of the body need to be addressed. 


You’ll also be asked about what’s happening in your life and this information will be used to treat your symptoms with a range of techniques including movement, breathing and tapping.

Is Bodytalk

right for you?

Bodytalk is perfect for you if you’re feeling run down, overwhelmed or unable to cope with life.


It’s also incredibly effective if you’re suffering from pain, are recovering from illness or injury, or are struggling with fertility or weight loss issues.


A lot of people turn to Bodytalk after they’ve exhausted more conventional avenues of treatment. They’re amazed at how effective it is in making them feel better.

What to expect

During your first session, you’ll be asked to complete an intake form and your practitioner will talk to you about how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. 


You should wear comfortable clothes as you’ll be lying or sitting down. 


Treatments last up to 45 minutes and you may be given homework - such as exercises or reading - to complete before your next appointment

Will it work

for you?



Before your first session, you may feel anxious or even skeptical. You might be worried about the feelings the treatment will bring up. This is totally normal. 


The great thing about Bodytalk is that it allows you to face your fears in a safe environment so that you can move past issues that are holding you back.

How you’ll

feel after

As well as a reduction or removal of physical symptoms, Bodytalk helps you to feel calmer and better able to deal with situations that once overwhelmed you.

Meet your practitioner

Duncan Bailey qualified as a certified Bodytalk and Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser Therapy) practitioner, Breathwork facilitator  in 2012 has successfully completed all courses in the BodyTalk curriculum, all training for low level laser therapy and Breathwork to the teacher training level. 


Duncan’s intuition and expertise allow him to support clients that have challenges on all levels of life – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  In practice, he uses mixed technique in the treatment, depends on individual's need. He is also a teacher regularly training breathwork facilitators.


Over the past decade, he has helped hundreds of clients to overcome their health and wellbeing challenges using the Bodytalk System.

To find out more about how Duncan Low level laser therapy and Bodytalk can help you, please book your FREE phone consultation.

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£80 per session

(Discounted block session available)

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“I booked for a 6 session package with Duncan to help heal some issues (such as adrenal fatigue) which I have been affected by for many years (and spent a lot of money with other practitioners). Duncan works by addressing the body at the source of the issue, it really is a magical form of healing, possibly the most powerful and effective I have experienced.”


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