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IVF Support

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Discover more about our range of services and therapy options by contacting our team. Make an appointment by calling 01273956845 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation.

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At White Tara Clinic, we support your IVF journey combining treatments of Low level laser therapy, Acupuncture, Bodytalk and Nutrition. We give a detailed consultations to get to know your need to support you through the whole IVF journey. 

Acupuncture positively supports women who try to increase their chances of having a successful pregnancy. (Source:

Acupuncture is also called a complementary or adjuvant therapy; which have been used by many people for their physical and emotional health/wellbeing. This acupuncture effect is well recognised in fertility medicine. Research has demonstrated that Acupuncture recipient patient groups reported significantly less anxiety post-transfer and reported feeling more optimistic about their cycle and enjoyed their sessions more than the control group subjects. (Source:

We included Low Level Laser Therapy in the IVF support treatment. 

Recent ground-breaking research with low level laser therapy from Denmark and Japan is showing that it may be possible to improve egg quality and improve fertility in women. The studies show that low level laser therapy used on acupuncture points on the neck and over the abdomen enhance mitochondrial activity and ATP production, increase blood flow and helps to reduce oxidative damage. These studies are showing that low level laser may significantly boost the pregnancy rates of women who have been unsuccessful with other assisted reproductive treatments like vitro fertilization (IVF).


It is recommended Acupuncture and Low level Laser therapy is used as an adjunct therapy option for those who intend to do IVF treatment, and throughout the whole IVF process. Acupuncture and LLLT support treatment for  women includes treatment:

  • Prior to Starting your IVF Cycle (Once a week) - Very important!!!

  • During the stimulation phase

  • Acupuncture before and after egg collection

  • One day prior/on the day of the Embryo on Transfer (within 24 hr)

  • One day after/on the day of the Embryo Transfer (within 24 hr)

  • Once or twice a week until the blood test result confirms

  • Once a week during the 1st trimester of pregnancy

Unfortunately, most Western medicine fertility clinics won't suggest that you prepare your body before starting IVF.  These facilities will normally suggest starting IVF immediately.

Certain acupuncture points, LLLT have been shown to improve male fertility and improves the chances of the IVF cycle being successful. Early stage research has shown that acupuncture can improve the success rates of assisted conception,  sperm count and quality.

(LLLT Source for Sperm Motility

(Acupuncture Source for Improve Sperm Quality) 

Improving your diet and lifestyle will greatly contribute to your success. At white tara clinic our treatment strategies can also manage and reduce stress that women and couples often feel whilst going through IVF therapy. WE offer Bodytalk and Therefore Bodytalk and Nutrition will be included in your treatment plan. 

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