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The innate Wisdom of the Body

There is this natural, inborn ability for the body to heal itself. Over time, due to the challenges of our upbringing, the stresses from our society, our relationships, our environment (what we eat, the weather) and our belief systems this inborn, innate wisdom is unable to do what it is suppose to do properly.

This is when we start to experience dis-ease, symptoms and maybe even start to see and look at the world and our life as a problem. We become victims and we are no longer able to overcome or address the simple problems. Sleeps start to become harder. We get tired faster. Our moods swing more and more uncontrollably.

The innate wisdom of the body is no longer able to manage the thousands of bits of information and actions that it needs to take to keep the body in balance. The different body parts don't communicate as well as they use to.

The Bodytalk System aims to support this innate wisdom and help it to guide the body back to health. Re establishing the lines of communication that have broken down in the body.

This healthcare system is safe, and comfortable done with clothes on. There is a light tapping over the head, the sternum and the gut to assist the body in making changes.

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