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What is Chinese Acupuncture? Everything Hove Residents Need to Know About This Ancient Practice

Though acupuncture has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, we have found that many here in Hove know little about how it works.

To help you better understand the many ways that our town’s residents have been helped by Chinese acupuncture in Hove—and the ways it could benefit you—these are the essential facts you should know about this ancient practice.

Chinese acupuncture is one of the oldest types of therapeutic medicine still practiced today.

Few medical procedures have been used by therapeutic professionals for more than a few hundred years, but Chinese acupuncture has been practiced for over 3000 years, first documented in roughly 100 BC.

It was widely used by Buddhist practitioners and seen as one of the most effective types of therapeutic relief. Archaeologists have even discovered gold acupuncture needles in the tombs of the members of Chinese royal families during the Han dynasty!

These ancient practitioners believed that there are more than 2,000 acupressure points on the body that influence the energy and health of the receiver.

Chinese acupuncture is done with needles, but it is not painful.

One of the most common questions we receive about Chinese acupuncture in Hove is: “does it hurt?”

The answer is no, Chinese acupuncture should never be painful. You may feel a slight tickle or a warming sensation, but when done correctly, Chinese acupuncture is a calming, pain-free process.

The needles used are extremely fine and are inserted into the body’s acupressure points with the lightest of touch. The majority of our clients in Hove say they feel no pain at all, instead saying they feel a wave of relaxation and relief wash over them.

Chinese acupuncture addresses a wide range of health concerns.

The health benefits of Chinese acupuncture are numerous as it can be used to help improve both the body and mind. These are a few of the ways out Chinese acupuncture clients in Hove have benefited from the practice:

  • Chinese Acupuncture for Pain Relief and Management: By far the practice’s most popular usage, Chinese acupuncture can be used to give pain sufferers the relief they need. The needles are gently inserted on and around pain points and acupressure points, directing the body’s energy flow to help alleviate chronic pain symptoms.

  • Chinese Acupuncture for Fertility: For those struggling to expand their family, Chinese acupuncture can help liberate trapped energy that has been blocked within your body. This allows it to flow freely once again, balancing the body’s hormones and improving your chances of conceiving.

  • Chinese Acupuncture & Massage for Stress Relief: What’s good for the body is good for the mind—and vice versa. Paired with a relaxing massage, Chinese acupuncture is a fantastic way to release stress in the body and help you face your day with confidence.

If you want to reap the amazing benefits of this millennia old therapeutic practice, give us a call at 01273 956845 or contact us

Come experience the healing effects of Chinese acupuncture in Hove!

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