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What Role Does Acupuncture Play in Pain Management?

Research on industry trends states that the percentage of adults who tried alternative medicine is up by 33.2 percent in the US. Today, the market size of the acupuncture industry in the country is $664 million, employing 17,107 acupuncturists across America.

Is Acupuncture Right for You?

Studies show that acupuncture works on chronic pain, particularly joint pain, which is common among patients who struggle with osteoarthritis, and chronic back and neck issues. If you live with chronic pain, you’ll want to look for a clinic that offers acupuncture for pain in Hove and make your first appointment.

How Does It Impact Pain Management?

Acupuncture helps reduce pain in your joints. In addition, you can also look forward to the following benefits:

  • Improved sleep. Acupuncture helps you relax. That enables you to fall asleep faster and improves the quality of your rest. Routine acupuncture sessions loosen up your muscles. If your back or neck muscles are strained or knotted up with tension, that’s painful. Acupuncture eases the tightness, leading to lasting pain relief.

  • Increased energy. Acupuncture allows you to enjoy a restful sleep. You won’t be restless or wake up with muscles tight with tension. That improves your energy levels, getting you ready to tackle the day ahead.

  • Better mental clarity. A restful sleep is good for your mind and body. You have better focus and concentration, so your performance at work improves. With regular visits to an acupuncturist, you can enjoy effective pain relief.

  • Better quality of life. Living with chronic pain changes you. Finding effective methods of pain relief can help you manage your condition and improve the quality of your life.

Why is Acupuncture an Excellent Option?

Pain can be managed through medication or surgery. However, that’s why acupuncture is a better option:

  • Acupuncture is non-invasive. Surgery comes with risks. Elderly patients, for instance, may not find that option ideal. The surgery may be too much for their bodies. Acupuncture allows them much-needed pain relief without going under the knife.

  • Acupuncture is not addictive. Pain relief medication is also effective. But some pain relief drugs pose the risk of addiction.

  • Acupuncture is safe. Taking too many pain relief drugs can compromise your liver and lead to a fatal condition, such as cirrhosis.

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